Hydrocodone Abuse Symptoms


Hydrocodone Abuse Symptoms

Hydrocodone abuse has been very prevalent in recent times especially with most people in the middle class. Most of these people do not actually know that they are getting hooked on the drug. Unfortunately, changes in their lives will always speak otherwise especially as pertaining to their decision making as well as reactions to situations.

Hydrocodone Abuse

Take note that the prevalence of the abuse of hydrocodone has been augmented by the fact that these drugs are readily available and in most cases their prescription is not restricted, especially when they are not in their pure form. As you will note, the addiction to these drugs does not start from nowhere.

They may be prescribed as painkillers to individuals. However, keeping in mind that these drugs are habit forming, it may not be long before an individual takes more than the prescribed amount or even increases the frequency of the drug consumption. In this case, to prevent abuse of the drug, it would be important that an individual take the drug only when it has been prescribed for them and in the correct amounts and frequency.

Symptoms of hydrocodone abuse may sometimes be open for all to see. However, like all addictions, the individual in question will more often than not be the last to acknowledge that they are in trouble. In fact, they will make promises of quitting anytime with assurances that they are in control of the situation while all else points in the opposite direction.

Testament to this would be the feeling that they have to take the drug regularly. As stated earlier, hydrocodone is a habit forming drug and therefore it will not be long before the individuals become hooked and even feel like increasing the frequency of their taking the drug.

One of the greatest concerns of the addiction to hydrocodone would definitely be their state of health. As individuals get more hooked on these drugs, some symptoms of hydrocodone abuse become more prevalent. This is more so as far as their health is concerned. In this case, the individuals will mostly be listless with lifeless eyes. They may also gain or lose weight. Major changes in the eyes should point at abuse of the drug especially when they have been taking it in the past. With this listlessness, it will not be a wonder when they become lazy such that they at times cannot perform even the simplest of tasks.

Hydrocodone AbuseAs stated earlier, hydrocodone abuse is more or less a chronic condition that has an adverse effect on the functioning of the brain. This is especially as pertaining to the communication of the neurons in the brain as the cells are affected. In this case, it will not be a wonder when the individual becomes more or less impaired as far as their thinking is concerned. They are then more likely to evade duties thus hurting their relationships, careers and personal lives.

This points at changes of behavior as well as an attitude even in kids. They may become either more aggressive or secretive, and even find difficulty in engaging in things that they used to enjoy in the past. In most cases, the individual will also be irresponsible and eventually unable to meet their own obligations.

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