Hydrocodone Abuse Side Effects


Hydrocodone Abuse Side Effects

Hydrocodone abuse has been a major thorn for quite some time in the nation. This has actually been aggravated by the fact that the drug is readily available in many drug stores. As you will note, there are no stringent restrictions as to the use and the distribution of these drugs by the United States government as long as the drug is not in its pure form. In this case, many people will grab any sort of painkiller from the shelves when they need to relieve pain or even to suppress coughs.

Hydrocodone Abuse

As stated hydrocodone will usually not be administered in its pure form. In this case, hydrocodone is blended with other drugs that are less potent in order to increase its effect. Often hydrocodone will be combined with acetaminophen then used to relieve varying degrees of pain.

You will need to note that the drug is not taken on a particular schedule. They are taken as and when there is a need for relief. As you will discover, this drug belongs to a category of drugs that relieve pain but with a narcotic effect. Keeping in mind that narcotics are habit forming, it will often not be long before individuals alter the amounts that they are taking opting for higher dosages and even increasing the frequency of taking the drug. This would actually be the beginning of the abuse of these drugs.

Like all opiates, whether prescription or non prescription, there are side effects that come with abuse. These side effects will be varying in severity mainly depending on the individuals. As you will note, different individuals will be affected in varying degrees. In addition, different individuals will take varying periods of time to become addicted to the drug.

Like all other narcotic analgesics, many people taking the drug could very easily find themselves hooked to it. This is where the transition to addiction, tolerance, withdrawal as well as a heightened need for the individual to undergo detoxification that is medically managed take place. It’s imperative that individuals be oriented with the various complications or side effects that result from taking these drugs.

Hydrocodone abuse has many side effects. One of the greatest maladies would definitely be the functioning of the brain. Hydrocodone has the effect of altering the normal functioning of the brain by changing the neurons that transmit messages in the brain. This is actually what results in the making of irrational decisions by the addict.

Hydrocodone AbuseOne common side effect of hydrocodone abuse include constipation. This is definitely not a worrisome sign. However, constipation can result in death if it is not checked in time.

Most people will also exhibit allergic reactions to hydrocodone including, wheezing, hives, rash, itches, swelling of the face, tongue, lips and even throat and difficulty breathing. In most cases, there have been reported side effects like blurred vision, vomiting, nausea, increased drowsiness as well as insomnia. Stopping the abuse of hydrocodone could also result in serious withdrawal symptoms some of which can have fatal consequences.

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