Hydrocodone Abuse Facts


Hydrocodone Abuse Facts

Hydrocodone abuse has been a major problem in our economy. There are many issues pertaining to the abuse of this drug, the causes, the effects as well as the treatment. One thing that you will need to note however is that this drug can be habit forming. Hydrocodone abuse is actually a chronic condition where the normal functioning of an individual is affected by the continued and regular intake of these drugs. There are a number of individuals using hydrocodone unnecessarily, for symptoms it wasn’t intended for, and for it’s affects.

Hydrocodone Abuse

One of the facts about hydrocodone is that more than 200 products in the United States contain this drug. The greatest populations taking these drugs are the middle class in cities or their suburbs. As you will note, hydrocodone abuse begins as an innocent decision to consume these painkillers according to the physician’s prescription.

However, having in mind that these drugs are habit forming, the individual will find it difficult to keep their hands off of these drugs. In this case, you may find the individual taking a higher dosage than they are supposed to take or even increase the frequency of taking the drug. In this case, the person will become increasingly dependent on the drug such that they may have to take it in order to operate normally.

There are hydrocodone abuse facts relating to these causes. In as much as the abuse will occur due to the habit forming characteristics of the drug, there are particular things that will determine the addiction. Different individuals will become hooked at different paces depending on physiological factors as well as genetic alignment. Individuals who have relatives who were once addicted would definitely have higher chances of becoming hooked. In addition, numerous occasions where individuals are hooked to this drug can be associated with peer pressure.

Drug abuse facts about the effects can really be shocking. When you have taken more than the prescribed amount of hydrocodone, there are detrimental effects that actually border on fatal. This is especially pertaining to the effect on the rates of heartbeats as well as the rate of breathing. The individual will have reduced heartbeats as well as slower breathing. This would definitely not be the best for their health. In addition, they could have a bluish tinge to their hands, not to mention being clammy and listless. Heavy perspiration may also occur as well as their muscles becoming limp. Extreme sleepiness is also a symptom of taking more than you should have.

Hydrocodone AbuseIt is important to acknowledge hydrocodone facts about either treatment or containing the situation. One thing that you should note is that this chronic condition not only affects the body but also the mind and the spirit. In this case, the treatment has to go beyond the physical. This is unlike other chronic conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, liver diseases, asthma etc. that will only affect the body.

In this case, there is no single pill that could be administered for the treatment of the condition. The patient would need to undergo serious counseling programs in order to be shown how they could kick away the habit and walk into recovery.

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